Make applications fit in the framework of your business computing environment; not the other way around. Centralize configuration management, monitoring, access control, software distribution and more.
Servers PCs and Peripherals
LAN and OS connectivity
Internet access, private and public domain services: ADS, DNS , LDAP, web sites,
Intranet and Internet connectivity for business applications, database and related services, Email
Security and Protection
Antivirus, Intrusion detection, IPSec, Firewall
Remote access
Branch office or residence access through terminal sessions or browser based
Improve computer performance
Routine maintenance on PCs and servers to keep them running efficiently
Improved network configurations
Maximize your server´s resources.
Web site optimization
Search engine optimization, page loads.
Improving network performance overall will take most of the burden off of desktops, leaving more CPU capacity for businees applications
Adequate temperature and ventilation

adds to the lifetime of your hardware; simply put, keeping clutter away from servers and workstations will suffice.

Power issues

can cause anything from intermittent failures to system failures which will take a bite out of your operating budget.

We offer solutions ranging from general UPS filtering and surge protection to specialized products for service entrance feeds, mid-span and user workstations.

Temporary or full time staff augmentation
Scheduled or on-call, onsite support services
Remote support
Need help desk customized for your organization

We can plan and provide a support and recovery program catered to your specific needs.

Expertise in

We deliver reliable computing solutions for business by making your organization and infrastructure priority one.

Services and applications have their own minimum requirements to run; without regard to your business computing environment.

Aside from operating system and hardware requirements, the foundation of a stable computing environment begins with connectivity.

Configuration wizards are great, but they don't apply to every organizational scenario

Every organization has some reliance on computers for running their operations on a daily basis.

Running and maintaining a reliable and efficient computing environment draws on a small business's time and resources.

For cost-effective and reliable support, to allow yourself to focus more on your business;
put us to work for you

Service Overview
Support for small business and webmasters
What can we do for you?Business and Technical Services

We offer a wide range of cost-effective services ranging from technical to business support categories, for small and mid-size organizations.

After an initial meeting to get an overview of your organization's criteria, we'll work with you on whatever support and business services we can provide.

For brief services overview, mouse over the line items to the left.

Overview criteria
  • Your line of business
  • Operating environment
  • Current computing
         environment and issues
  • Future plans

The more you can tell us about your processes and computing needs, the better we can tailor solutions that meet your objectives.

ConsultingTroubleshooting and New Technologies

We investigate the causes of your chronic or intermittent IT equipment or service failures and effect repairs. If you are looking into a new application suite or service, we can set up the testing platform for your review.

  • System failures
  • Hardware failures
  • Performance problems
  • Connectivity problems
  • Facility problems
New Technologies
  • Market reports
  • Expectations & Baselines
  • Piloting & Analytics
  • Life cycle
  • Cost projections
Problem Resolution and Troubleshooting

We work with clients in providing resolutions to computing issues such as failures or reliability problems. We know that down time and repairs can be costly to your operations.

Pilot Testing

For new products and services you're considering, market research and pilot testing will provide the real performance analytics for making an informed choice. We'll obtain and provide the manufacturer's product life cycle and cost projections; giving our clients a current view of new technology trends.

Profile and ConfigurationWe provide profile and configuration of your office infrastructure servers, networking and telecomm access equipment. For your internet infrastructure, we can work in conjunction with your web hosting and internet service provider.
Office Infrastructure:
Systems Specifications
Server, desktop, laptop.
LAN Networking
Core services, applications, remote access; in wired and wireless topologies
WAN Networking
Remote access and applications, RDP access for mobile workforce and branch locations.
Internet Networking
Secure, high speed and redundant access to the www and your hosted applications.
Internal Security
Firewall, encryption, antivirus, outbreak prevention
Internet Infrastructure:
Core services
DNS registration, hosting and backup; primary and backup SMTP servers and webmail
SSL, VPN authentication, Antivirus and Intrusion detection
Hosted Application Servers
Collaboration, Database and replication services for your mobile workforce.
* We also provide internet infrastructure services, contact us for more information
Implementation Assistance and Project Management
from leading OS and Appliances:
Windows® Operating System
Windows Server System
Trend Micro® Worry-Free Security Solutions
Servers, Desktops, Laptops
from leading system builders with:
Intel Inside ® brands
Networking and Access Equipment
from leading manufacturers such as:
Cisco Systems, CNet Technology, Dlink, Netgear, Zoom Technologies...

We provide implementation services; with your implementation team, with project management responsibilities.

We're available for remote hands work as well, under the direction of your main office management.

You can do it without us, we can't do it without you; but joining forces will get it done much quicker.

Planning IT Infrastructure and Services

We provide assistance in planning your company's computing infrastructure and rollout as well as business services we or your vendors provide. Planning helps in controlling costs and synchronizing the efforts of team players; ultimately leading to successful project completion.

Planning assistance on
  • Business Services
  • Engineering
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Procurement

With so many options available, we'll bring value and alternatives to the planning table that can lessen your burden of researching industry trends and verifying performance data.

The success and satisfaction of completing a project is in the planning and a sound change management process; a practical way of dealing with modifications to your design that can allow for quick adjustments.

ProcurementRequesitioning Software and Equipment

We can provide products and services directly to you or help in preparing RFQs for bidding. We can provide leasing options through reputable, major leasing companies or help with business cases for SBA and commercial lenders.

Leasing Plan options
Return the equipment...
with no further obligation.
Fair market value
At the end of lease term buy out your assets at FMV.
$1 to 10% Buyout terms
At the end of lease term buy out your assets at the pre-determined $1 or 10% of the original financed amount,.
Our quotes
Detailed cost quotations on products and services that we provide.
Competitive bidding quotes
Assistance in preparing general or detailed, product and service quotes for competitive bidding
Assistance with Business Plans for:

SBA Financing, commercial lendors, leasing companies

Business Services Enhancement Services

We provide services that enhance your business experience and environment

Promoting your business
  • Print & Internet
  • Search engine optimizing
  • Inventory listing
  • Asset Management
  • Documentation
  • Help Desk
  • Training
Long-term branding and spurious promotion techniques
eCommerce inventory listing
Asset manangement
Inventory, software licenses and registrations
Custom Help Desk
Design of help desk support for your associates, tailored to meet your organization's needs.
Print copy, and intranet browser-based documentation of your internal procedures and documentation.
In house training on maintenance, support and escalation procedures.